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Kobrin (Kobryn)

  • Russian:Ко́брин

  • Byelorussian:Кобрын

  • Hebrew:קאברין

  • Polish:Kobryń



That is a town in the Brest Region (oblast), the capital of the Kobryn District (Rayon). The town is located in the southwestern part of Belarus where the Mukhavets River and the Dnieper-Bug Canal meet, about 52 km east of the city of Brest along highway "Brest- Moscow". It is a station on the Brest - Gomel railway line. As of 1995, the population was around 51 thousand.

Historic background

It was first mentioned  in the old Russian chronicles in the late 13th century. That was a favorable place at the start of portage that finished near Pinsk, as the boats full of merchandise were dragged overland from the Mukhavets River to the Pina River to reach Pinsk, about 90 km east of Kobrin.  That was an important trading route between the Baltic Sea and Black see in those days.

Soon afterwards, in the early 14th century the town was subdued by the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Between 1589 and 1766 it was a thriving market and a free town of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth open for all the tradesmen coming from many countries, including Jews. A road from Brest to Pinsk and further on to Minsk was running across the town, its hub that was the marketplace. Hence the old names of thestreets on this way: Brest Street before the market place and and Pinsker Street after it.

Kobrin  Today

In 2009 the old town underwent reconstruction to host the National Harvest Festival (dozhynki).

The pictures below were taken 2005-2008, before the reconstruction.


Zamkovaya Square

the name indicates that once it was in the former upper castle

Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Church

1812 War memorial commemorates a Russian victory over Napoleon's troops by Kobrin

Orthodox Church by the river

Lenin Street (former Market Square)

the Baptist Church of Kobrin viewed across the river.



the old part of the town (near Oktyabrskaya Str)

A. Suvorov museum


the new building of the Museum

Lenin Square

the former market square (right) and the road leading up to the bridge (left)

planters a la Kobrin!

Svobody Square with the memorial commemorating the 40th anniversary of the town's liberation in Yuly 1944.



in the old park of the town in spring


the lake with the island

Views in Pervomayskaya (First of May) Street (former Pinsker Street) (3 Maja - Polish name)

starting from  Svobody (former Market) Square


the former market close to the bridge.

Here the street starts.



the east side runs parallel to the River

an old mansion on the southern side.

in front is the Kobrinka River, that is not easy to spot today, because it is flowing under the road in the pipe. This view in the interwar period.

Pinsker Street, Kobryn

the old building of the Great Synagogue of Kobrin.

on the northern side

the Catholic Church on the southern side

the grave yard of the Catholic Church


Puganov War Memorial on the western side, across the street is the school built in Polish period and rebuilt in the Soviet period. Today it is high school No2.

Old and new cannels merge quite close from the school.


Here the old and new cannels merge by Pinsker Str.

Kobrin after the reconstruction


3 glimpses of Kobrin after the reconstruction

click here to see more pictures of the sights and town streets after the reconstruction in 2009


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